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Axe Cop Is Here To Save Halloween

(YouTube Link) To say that Axe Cop is one of the best comics ever is an understatement, because Axe Cop is THE BEST EVER!!  Now we’ve got a cartoon featuring Axe Cop to watch, and as a teaser Fox has given us a sample of the madness that awaits us when this axe wielding cop dresses up [...]

Axe Cop: The Cake

Axe Cop’s favorite food is birthday cake with a candle of himself on it, so when 6-year-old Nathan requested an Axe Cop cake for his birthday, that served as the starting point for inspiration. Link

10 Fantastic Comedies Based on True Stories

While truth is stranger than fiction, it can also be ridiculous. Some of the strangest premises for comedies came from actual stories, like the film It Could Happen to You. Originally titled “Cop Tips Waitress $2M,” in the style of the New York tabloids that became fascinated by the tale, Andrew Bergman’s 1994 romantic comedy was [...]

Do You Speak English?

(YouTube link) Busted! These two guys from Russia were driving through Ukraine and thought they’d be clever and get out of a speeding violation by not understanding the language. They thought. Score one for the Ukrainian cop! -via Bits and Pieces

Axe Cop Is Coming to Television!

Axe Cop, the story of a heroic cop with an axe, was the brainchild of 5-year old Malachai Nicolle and 29-year old Ethan Nicolle. Malachai writes the stories and Ethan, a professional cartoonist, draws them. Now two years after the launch of their landmark comic, Fox announced that it has ordered six fifteen-minute episodes of [...]

Police Officer Stops a Plane with His Car

(Video Link) The smugglers were moving stolen electronics from Paraguay to Brazil. They had a plane. Whatcha going to do, officer? They can fly and you can’t. Well, this Brazilian cop was determined to stop them. -via Jalopnik

Rug Cop: The Movie Action Hero Who Uses His Toupee as a Weapon

(Video Link) From the same people who brought you The Squid Wrestler comes a new action hero: The Rug Cop. A scientific experiment gone wrong gave an aging detective amazing toupee powers. With his supernatural hairpiece, Rug Cop battles crime in the mean streets of Tokyo. via WTF Japan, Seriously?!

Live Action Axe Cop

(Video Link) Axe Cop is a webcomic written by a 5-year old and drawn by a 29-year old professional cartoonist. This deliciously loopy premise has been turned into a short, high-quality live action movie by Peter Muehlenberg. via io9 | Axe Cop

Top Quizzes of 2010: Trading Places, Coming to America or Beverly Hills Cop? (#13)

This week we’ll be counting down some of the top mental_floss quizzes of 2010. Enjoy! During his heyday, Eddie Murphy pumped out hit movies at a spectacular rate. Three of his most popular (and funniest) were Trading Places, Coming to America and Beverly Hills Cop. Can you pick which movie each quote comes from? Take the Quiz: [...]

7 Of The Most Expensive Flops In Television History

Television programmers have to take chances in order to find the Next Big Thing. Sometimes those leaps of faith fail miserably -and expensively! Personally, I’ve never seen any of these shows except for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, but that wasn’t so much a flop as it was an expensive mistake. Among the rest [...]