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Brownie Cookie Dough Cupcakes

In my experience, for serious ice cream eaters, there is only one flavor. Cookie dough. So when someone mentions a brownie cookie dough cupcake, I am all ears. Looking for a rich and indulgent cupcake recipe? Listen lady, I saw the picture. I am ready to be indulgent. Well look no further because I’m telling [...]

Cookie Monster Scarf Hat

Cookie Monster Scarf Hat – $44.95 Are you hungry for a new look? You need the Cookie Monster Scarf Hat from the NeatoShop. This deliciously fun hat features your favorite Sesame Street character. The bottom of this adorable scarf hat doubles as a pair of mittens.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Winterwear! Link

A Piggy Bank for Your Innermost Thoughts

A combination fortune cookie and piggy bank, the corezone is a place to store your feelings until you need to open them. Dorota Skalska and Agnieszka Mazur made it in “an attempt to fulfill emotional needs by the means of an object, a try to withhold immaterial being in a material space.” Link -via Ian Brooks

Spider-Man and Batman LEGO Cookies

Most people are all about birthday cakes, but if you love cookies, then Cookie Artisan is a great source for delicious snacks that are just as cute as any cake. Just check out these Batman and Spider-Man LEGO cookies as proof. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Furrybones Pandie Cookie Jar

Furrybones Pandie Cookie Jar – $39.95 Are your homemade cookies just to die for? Store them in the drop dead adorable Furrybones Pandie Cookie Jar from the NeatoShop. This deliciously fun container is made of ceramic. It makes the perfect countertop accessory for any frighteningly good (or bad) baker. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Coffee Cup Cookie

Everything you see here is edible. Except possibly the saucer, spoon and placemat. But give those a try, too. Maybe they’re as good as The Cookie Fairy’s cookie coffee cups made with caramel and Baileys Irish Cream. Link (Translation) -via Tasteologie

Eating All Flavors of Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Photo: Scorpions and Centaurs/Flickr Some people meditate on mountaintops to achieve enlightenment, but not Leon Neyfakh. He discovered a (much more delicious) shortcut. You see, he learned [...]

Custom Doctor Who Cookie Cutters

The fact that Doctor Who isn’t filled with cookie cutter storylines is exactly what makes me want Doctor Who cookie cutters. And let me just say that I desperately want a set of these awesome custom made cookie cutters by Flickr user Nidaram -particularly the K9 cutter. Link

Donkey Kong Was Only The Beginning…

Digital artist Julien Bazinet has taken the classic arcade game Donkey Kong and recast it with some of pop culture’s most beloved characters, creating simulated screens for an out of this world platformer. Villains like Bane, the Xenomorph Queen and Cookie Monster?! await the hero at the top of the screen in these pixel-tastic homages to [...]

Yogi Bear Cookie Jar

Yogi Bear Cookie Jar Р$54.95 Hey-hey-hey-hey! Summer is here! Are you on the hunt for a deliciously fun way to store your favorite afternoon snack?  You need to go-go-go to the NeatoShop and get the Yogi Bear Cookie Jar! This great ceramic cookie container features your favorite smarter than the average bear, Yogi, and pic-a-nic [...]