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The Late Movies: Sesame Street International

All over the world, little children learn their letters, numbers, and bad jokes watching the Muppets on their local version of Sesame Street. Here’s a sample of the shows from the far corners of the earth. Denmark Elmo sounds the same, even in Danish! The show is called Sesamgade. * Indonesia Cookie Monster appears on an episode of Jalan Sesama. * Kuwait The [...]

The Late Movies: What I Learned from Sesame Street

Sesame Street was an influential force in the lives of lots of kids, me included. I thought it might be fun to revisit some of the lessons we all learned, most of which are no less relevant today. For instance, don’t waste water! And remember to turn off leaky faucets, too — even if it disappoints [...]

Sesame Street Scandals

Katy Perry’s recent Sesame Street skit went bust when parents complained that the singer was showing a little too much décolletage for kids. But hers is far from the first incident to raise a few eyebrows on the show. A few others: • C is for Cookie, but that’s not good enough for everyone. Although Cookie [...]