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Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot Cupcakes

First, cook peanut butter cupcakes. Then hollow out the centers. Partially fill the holes with jelly, the deep fry the cupcakes. Once they’ve cooled off, spread peanut butter frosting on them and press a shot glass into each one. Pour into the shotglasses peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka. My serving suggestion: twelve per person. Link [...]

These Are Some Mighty Meaty Shot Glasses

It’s the perfect shot glass for bacon vodka and you can learn to make your own thanks to ManBQue -just make sure you actually cook them all the way through because no one wants to be sickened with ecoli while suffering from a hangover. Link Via Geekosystem

Teddy Bear Bread

SandeeA. is nothing if not an inventive cook. We’ve previously featured her use of a banana peel as a jello mold. Now she’s figured out a way to make a yeast bread in the shape of adorable little teddy bears. She informs us that the eyes and mouths were made with an edible ink pen, [...]

Restaurants of Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity chefs wear more than one hat, figuratively, because they cook for real restaurants in addition to cooking on TV (that’s how they got those TV jobs in the first place). You might recognize the chef, but would you know where to go to enjoy their food? Find out how much you really know about [...]