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Crescent Shaped Air Traffic Control Tower in Abu Dhabi

Photo: Michael Renner/Flickr All large airports have Air Traffic Control (ATC) towers, and most of them, well, look just like any ol’ air traffic control towers. But it [...]

This Is How DJs Mixed Records Over 100 Years Ago

Think Disco or early Hip Hop DJs invented mixing and crossfading? I thought the same thing, until I read about this wondrous device. It’s called the Chronophone, and it was invented in 1910 by French engineer Leon Gaumant to sync sound and film when the length of one gramophone simply wasn’t enough. It’s capable of crossfading and [...]

Ghostly Images with Light Stencils

Light stenciling is like light graffiti, except that it uses stencils for greater control. Wittner Fabrice is a master of the craft and used his skills to create portraits in Vietnam. The people look like phantoms moving through the night. Link | Artist’s Website | How Light Stencils Work

Too Lazy To Walk? Then Get Some Motorized Shoes!

In today’s fast paced world, sometimes we aren’t walking fast enough to keep up with everyone else, or we simply don’t have to energy to walk but still have places to go. That’s where the spnKiX come in-they’re motorized shoes which are operated via remote control, and can race along at speeds up to 10 mph. [...]

Etch A Sketch X NES Gamepad Hack

(YouTube Link) If you ever wanted finer control over your Etch-A-Sketch lines, then you may want to consider splicing in a NES controller! Here’s the process as described by Alpinedelta32, the creator of this brilliant mod: I connected the etch-a-sketch knobs to stepper motors, which are then controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino program I [...]

Cat Vanishes from Colorado, Appears Five Years Later in New York City

Willow, a calico cat belonging to the Squires family of Boulder, Colorado, disappeared five years ago. Because she was microchipped, animal control authorities were able to identify her when she was found on a street in Manhattan: How she got to New York, nearly 1,800 miles away, and the kind of life she lived in the [...]

Scientists Grow Functional Anal Sphincter in Petri Dish

The loss of sphincter control is a common and humiliating problem for aging adults. Researchers led by Shreya Rhagavan of the University of Michigan Medical School may have developed a solution: a replacement sphincter grown inside a laboratory. So far, eight such bioengineered anal sphincters have been successfully implanted in mice. The team hopes to [...]

New Birth Control Pill… for Dogs

Both the ASPCA and Humane Society strongly encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their furry friends to prevent overpopulation (and a dearth of homeless puppies, sad face). It shouldn’t really be a surprise, then, that there is a less invasive option in the works. But let’s face it, it’s kind of a crazy idea, right? Not [...]

Controversy surrounds "intelligent comet"

A comet discovered last year by Leonid Elenin is being claimed by some to be under intelligent control. Controversial claims alleged to be made by Chi…

Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera

In this seven-minute video, Walt Disney describes the MultiPlane camera. Invented by William Garity for Walt Disney Studios, the camera allows photography of multiple layers of film, with control over the relative movement of each layer. This allows for more realistic control of things like zoom-ins — it’s sort of “3D-ish,” at least for cel [...]