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Every Jump of the General Lee, Seasons 1-6

(Video Link) Put this on a continuous loop, and I could watch it all day. Treva Graham compiled every jump of the General Lee from the first six seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard. How many times should they jump the General Lee in an episode? The correct answer is “more”. Previously: 23 Facts You Might Not Know [...]

Bib Fortuna Tattoo

He worked as a court functionary to Jabba the Hutt, but Bib Fortuna was a great sage. Don’t you grasp his wisdom? Here, watch a ten-minute continuous loop of his most famous statement. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Slinky Walking on a Treadmill

(Video Link) It’s hypnotic. If were put into a continuous loop, like the Enterprise ambient engine noise video, I could watch this all day. -via Blame It on the Voices

An Escalator Than Can Handle Curves

(Video Link) The Levytator is a free-form escalator that can bend and curve as needed by architects. It operates on one continuous loop, so there’s no need for redundant conveyors moving in opposite directions: Unlike traditional designs, where redundant steps move underneath those in use, the Levytator utilises a continuous loop of curved modules, which can follow [...]

A Clock Redrawn by Hand Every Minute

(YouTube Link) When you watch this video, you might think that this is a man standing behind a sheet of plastic, re-drawing the hands on a clock face every minute. Actually, this clock by designer Maarten Baas is a LED screen showing the artist doing precisely that on a continuous loop. The video is from the [...]