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Predict the Future, Win Prizes

Our NeatoShop contest is still going! Predict life in the year 2013. The three funniest predictions will earn prizes from the NeatoShop. Add your predictions in the comments. In three days, I’ll announce the winners. Link

5 Unusual Ways to Earn a College Scholarship

College is expensive. Scholarships can help to relieve some of that financial burden, and we’re here to clue you in to a few that are available to students who aren’t star athletes or in the upper reaches of their class’ grade point percentile. 1. Stop People From Texting While Driving Texting while driving is bad. If you [...]

Gas Can Guitar

Jeff Hamada of Booooooom (that’s 7 Os, I have to check every time) is holding another contest. This time, he’s inviting readers to submit photos of homemade musical instruments. Here’s a cute submission from Amadeus Rokita of Hamburg, Germany. Link | Contest Information

Neatorama Caption Contest: Snoozin’ Cat

W00t! It’s time for our weekly Neatorama Caption Contest. Today’s image comes via one of the neatest blogs on the Web, Cute Overload, who wrote: Jake T. fills in the backstory: “This is Mint-kun. He lives [...]

Looking at Mom with Love

A tender mother-child moment, brought to you by the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. This picture was taken at Camp Leakey, Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia. The contest is open for entries until June 28, or even later with an additional fee, but oy, look at the competition! Link -Thanks, Marilyn! (Image credit: miranda rachellina)

A Dutch Prince Tossing a Toilet in a Toilet Tossing Contest

Today is the official birthday of Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands. The Dutch celebrated in variety of ways, including the traditional toilet bowl throwing contest. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander joined in the fun, heaving an orange toilet with all his strength: Members of the royal family traveled to the town of Rhenen to join in the fun, [...]

The Decipher the Doodle Contest is Back!

The Decipher the Doodle Contest returns to NeatoBambino and it’s another chance for you to win a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! The doodle in question (which you only see a small portion of here) was drawn by a five-year-old girl. What is it supposed to illustrate? Both the commenter closest to the correct answer and [...]

Country Fried Bacon With Gravy On A Stick

If you’re ever entered into a contest to see who can eat the most calories in a 24 hour period, at least now you have a plan for breakfast. Of course, if you aren’t entered in said contest, you might want to stay away from the dish, which might be tasty, but also could be [...]

G+ Caption Contest No. 4

We’re running another fun caption contest over on our G+ page! Go leave a funny or witty caption. The one with the most +1s gets his/her choice of t-shirts from the neatoshop! So what are you waiting for? Get thee.

Action Figure Nativities

The blog Hey! Look at My Toys! is hosting a contest for Christmas nativity scenes made from toys and action figures. The nine finalists are presented for voting. At first, I wanted to use a picture of the scene featuring a unicorn, then the one with Pee Wee Herman as Joseph, but then I saw [...]