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Weeping Angel Barbie

Ken, don’t stop looking at her. Don’t blink! Just slowly back away while maintaining eye contact. Sarah Franz-Wichlacz turned a Barbie doll into a horrifying predator from Doctor Who. Link -via Dude Craft

Plunge Waterfalls

Plunge waterfalls are those that fall so forcefully they completely lose contact with the cliff face. Not something you’d want to get too close to! Environmental Graffiti found 15 of these falls, and will take you on a tour of them through a photo gallery.  Shown here is Waireinga Falls in New Zealand. Link (Image credit: [...]

Ghost of Dambusters dog ‘found’ at airbase

Paranormal investigators claim they’ve made contact with the spirit of the dog owned by Guy Gibson. Wing Commander Guy Gibson is remembered for his he…

Mayan "alien proof" film in the works

A new documentary will allegedly provide evidence of alien contact with the ancient Mayan civilization. The claim has been made by both the film’s pro…

Electrified roads could power cars

Cars of the future could be powered directly through contact with the road surface itself. It isn’t a new idea either, researchers have attempted to f…

Could intelligent aliens be a threat ?

Astronomers have been quick to point out lately that contact with aliens could lead to our destruction. Some argue that far from being the enlightened…

Caterpillars Who Defend Themselves

We tend to think of caterpillars as cute, innocent little bugs who are, at worst, garden pests. But not all future moths and butterflies are so defenseless. Some have stinging or itching spines that can leave you irritated for weeks after contact. The Ark In Space has a great piece on the different varieties of stinging [...]

What to Do if You’re The First Person to Make Alien Contact

At one point or another we’ve all thought about how exciting or terrifying it might be to actually encounter intelligent alien beings from another world. What would you do if you were the FIRST human to make contact with the aliens? This helpful guide outlines a few simple things to remember when you encounter E.T. [...]

Robot with a Sense of Touch

(Video Link) Joe Romano, a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, modified a robot to sense objects and pick them up without either crushing or dropping them: This information has already been used to allow the robot to quickly stop after contact before damaging itself or the environment, naturally pass objects to a person, or detect [...]

ET contact game plan detailed

Experts have devised a game plan to determine how we should go about first contact with aliens. The International Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Perman…