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Climate Change Deniers Tend to Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Photo: Nicolle Rager Fuller/National Science Foundation Quick: what’s the connection between climate change and conspiracy theory? According to a new study published in the upcoming issue of Psychological Science, people who tend to believe in conspiracy theory are also more [...]

Alien invasion hoax hinted for Olympics

Rumours and conspiracy theories are abound in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. One theory that has been gaining momentum is that a BBC doc…

Will 9/11 conspiracy theories ever stop ?

For 10 years conspiracy theorists have speculated over the truth behind the September 11th attacks. About the only thing that everyone agrees upon is …

Moon Conspiracy Theories (Not That One)

While we are all familiar with the conspiracy theory that the Apollo moon landings were faked, here are a few moon conspiracies that you may not have known. Some of these are more far out there then faking a moon landing (or are they?) What is your favorite moon conspiracy theory? In their book “Dark Mission: [...]

Did the Nazis have a space program ?

As fans anticipate the release of the film “Iron Sky” we ask was there ever a real Nazi space program ? While its been the subject of conspiracy theo…

Jerry The Great

In “Jerry The Great,” TRMUS1C re-cut Seinfeld into a thriller about Jerry plotting to take over the world with his sidekick George. But at the end … things fall apart horribly. Conspiracy. Betrayal. Revenge. This clip has got everything: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via The High Definite

True American Dog

There’s a widespread conspiracy to conceal the truly intelligent nature of American animals, but thanks to the True American Dog blog, we now know the truth. How do I know that it’s true? Well, I read it on the Interweb: Link – via Look At This

Skeptics challenge conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theories ranging from the Apollo Moon landings being hoaxed to 9/11 being an inside job have become increasingly prevelant on the inter…