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The Late Movies: The Best Simpsons Songs

I know I’m showing my age when I talk to people and say something like, “Remember when The Simpsons was really funny?” and they don’t. Awkward. Anyway, among my favorite Simpsons moments from their best seasons (3-9) are the musical numbers. Here are my top picks, but the list is by no means exhaustive. Leave [...]

Will 9/11 conspiracy theories ever stop ?

For 10 years conspiracy theorists have speculated over the truth behind the September 11th attacks. About the only thing that everyone agrees upon is …

Apollo 18 – could it have happened ?

As Apollo 18 hits cinemas attention turns to the real lunar mission that was cancelled back in 1973. Some conspiracy theorists contend that Apollo 17 …

NASA to release Apollo landing site images

A teleconference is being held on Tuesday in which new Apollo landing site photographs will be revealed. For years conspiracy theorists have doubted t…

Dear Slate: Bob Gale Is Locked in Our Basement

As surprised as I was that Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale actually responded to our question about the origin of Marty and Doc’s friendship, I could not have imagined the splash his explanation would make. This “scoop” was covered by New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, TIME, MTV, and Slate, among others. [...]

Aflockalypse? More Dead Birds, This Time From Sweden

It’s getting creepy. First, it was Arkansas, then Louisiana … now birds are dropping dead out of the skies over Sweden: To add to the mystery, 50-100 jackdaws, a bird species in the crow family, fell dead in central Sweden late Tuesday night, English-language Swedish news website The Local reported Wednesday.“We do not know what the [...]

Revisiting the Moon life conspiracy

Lee Speigel investigates the idea that the truth about life on the Moon is being covered up. From alien ruins to UFOs conspiracy theorists have assert…

Cliff Lee: Wild and Crazy Guy

The most dominant postseason pitcher of his era, Cliff Lee of the Texas Rangers might like to tell you his success can be traced to serious introspection in a thinking man’s game. Sounds feasible enough. He could make that case, except for one catch. He’s given it no thought. © JUSTIN LANE/epa/Corbis “I don’t really dig that deep [...]

Altered image sparks conspiracy claims

An image of Saturn’s moons altered by NASA has gained significant attention by conspiracy theorists. While the picture is believed to have been change…

The Legend of Undercover Elvis

The Photo: While you probably recognize the iconic photo of Elvis meeting Nixon in 1970, you might not know the exact reason for the visit. Elvis desperately wanted to become an undercover agent. Concerned about increased drug use in America, he petitioned Nixon in a handwritten letter proposing he be named a “Federal Agent at [...]