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A Zoologist’s Amazing Origami Animals

Spawning sockeye salmon For wildlife zoologist Bernie Peyton, animal life inspires not only scientific curiosity but artistic creativity. For decades, he has folded paper to raise awareness about wildlife conservation: “I write a lot of boring [academic] articles nobody reads, but conservation also has to appeal to the emotional side,” Peyton told Wired. “That’s why I do [...]

New Zealand ‘night parrot’ numbers increase

A mammoth conservation effort has helped bring one of the rarest birds back from the brink of extinction. The flightless green kakapo or “night parrot…

Humongous Conservation Area Created in Africa

A new conservation area called KAZA has been established in Africa that unites five countries and dwarfs previous wildlife conservation programs. It symbolizes cooperation between nations as well as the fact that wildlife doesn’t share our concept of boundaries. Spanning an area of Africa almost the size of Italy, the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, or [...]

Rainbow Toad Rediscovered

There has not been a recorded sighting of the Bornean rainbow toad (Ansonia latidisca) since 1924. Now, researchers announce they have seen three of them in the Penrissen region of Borneo, and they have photographs to prove it. Initial searches by Indraneil Das of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and colleagues took place during evenings after dark along [...]

Giant Carnivorous Hermaphrodite Snails

The population of giant carnivorous hermaphrodite snails (formally,¬†Powelliphanta)¬†is on the rise in New Zealand, and that’s a good thing. Six years ago, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) found 51 live specimens in Hawke’s Bay. Recently, a new survey team spotted 75 live Powelliphanta. “Powelliphanta are one of our most amazing native invertebrates,” DOC ranger Mark [...]

Is the giant squid the new giant panda ?

Scientists have proposed using the giant squid as a symbol for marine conservation efforts. Described as the “giant panda of the seas” the squid repre…

The Lesser-Known Endangered Species

You know about all the cute, cuddly endangered animals that need our help in the fight against extinction, but what about the ugly ones that don’t get their own specialty conservation groups? Not every endangered animal can be a panda. Some of them happen to be purple frogs (above) or the wormish amphibian known as [...]

The Lost and Found Frogs of Haiti

One year ago today, a devastating earthquake shook Haiti. An expedition from Conservation International went to Haiti in October to see how the forest ecosystem was affected. Amphibian Conservation Officer Dr. Robin Moore and Dr. Blair Hedges from Pennsylvania State University led the search for endangered species, particularly for the La Selle grass frog, which [...]

Over 200 New Species Discovered in Papua New Guinea

This pink-eyed katydid lives in the forest canopy in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the over 200 new species discovered by the Conservation International expedition to the Muller Range mountains last year. See more of the new species of frogs, ants, spiders, mammals, and plants, and videos of the expedition at Conservation International. [...]

New Anti-Whaling Vessel Looks Like Something From Batman

Photo: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, best known for its aggressive tactics against whaling vessels, had added a stealthy, high-speed boat to its fleet. At The National Post, Jeremy Barker writes: The Ady Gil, a bio-diesel powered trimaran, can hit 40 knots and Captain Paul Watson plans to sail it quickly into harms [...]