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Hobbit Hole Nails

It was a hobbit-nail, and that means comfort. But perhaps some difficulty typing. Nail art maestro Kayleigh O’Connor added Bag End to her thumb along with some pleasant greenery from the Shire. She writes: I’ve never tried anything on this scale before. It’s a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole. It’s about [...]

Breaking Bad Fingernails

Nail artist Kayleigh O’Connor only began watching Breaking Bad lately, but caught up fast. Then she was inspired to decorate her fingernails appropriately for the season premiere tonight, some with the show’s elements logo, some with (fake) “Blue Sky” meth. Link -via Laughing Squid Links Previously: More geeky nails by O’Connor.

Five Potentially Great Power Couples (and why they never made it)

1. Bobby Fischer and Barbra Streisand Barbra Streisand, the future Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner, actually attended the same Brooklyn high school as Bobby Fischer, who at the time was already competing in and winning international chess tournaments. Streisand later confided that she had a crush on the chess player, saying that he “was always [...]

The Story Behind the Giant Inflatable Union Rat

© Bob Krist/CORBIS If you’re from a town with a strong union presence, you know that if new commercial construction happens without union labor, protests often follow. Burly guys in work boots and union shirts will take to the streets to wave signs, pass out flyers, and draw attention to whatever business has offended them. Sometimes [...]

If All Time Travel Films Had Doc Brown

Doc Brown from the Back to The Future trilogy has got to be one of the all time most memorable time travelers. He and Marty McFly usually save the day, but what if Doc had been the protagonist in other time travel movies? Great Scott!   With Added Doc Brown: The Doc appears in place of Michael [...]

The Early Movies: Songs Prince Wrote But Others Made Famous

The Late Movies: Songs Prince Wrote But Others Made Famous (Note: due to technical problems last night, this post was delayed. This morning, I’ve got some Prince for U!) Prince has written dozens of hits over his decades in the music business — and many of his hits have been popularized by others. In many cases, Prince [...]

2,500-Year Old Preserved Brain Discovered

Construction crews near York, UK, found the body of a man who died a violent death 2,500 years ago. Inside the skull was an almost completely intact brain, carefully preserved thanks to the soil in which the body was buried: The Heslington remains, along with others O’Connor has discovered, appear to have been buried quickly after [...]

Who Is Allen Smithee?

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know (“Learn Something New Every Day, By Email”). To subscribe to his daily email, click here. In 1969, the movie Death of a Gunfighter debuted starring Richard Widmark, Lena Horne, and Carroll O’Connor. The reviews were OK — IMDb gives it a viewer-powered 6.4 stars (out of [...]

Would You Like to Eat Ice Cream Made from Human Breast Milk?

Of course you would! After all, it makes for good cheese. So you’re in luck: there’s a shop in London that sells ice cream made from milk donated by local mothers. The dessert, called Baby Gaga, is churned with donations from 15 women who responded to an advertisement on an online mothers’ forum. One of the women, [...]

The World’s Smallest Solar Powered Movie Theater

Artist Paul O’Connor and his colleagues at the British art collective Undercurrents built a tiny solar powered movie theater in a 1960s-era travel trailer. Sol Cinema can seat eight adults and generally screens films with an ecological theme. The official website provides additional photos as well as a list of tour dates and locations in [...]