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Unknown 150-year-old Photo Subjects

The Museum of the Confederacy is asking for your help in identifying the people in eight Civil War-era photographs. They are hoping that someone might see a family resemblance or have other photographs of or information about these folks. Even if you don’t recognize them, it’s awesome to imagine that you knew them. See the [...]

Making Money: Currency in the Confederate States

When the Civil War began, the Confederacy quickly found itself facing a pressing issue: fighting a protracted war is really, really expensive. Unlike their Union counterparts, the Confederate states didn’t boast vast reserves of money and precious metals, either. With a Union naval blockade diminishing the lucrative international cotton trade, the Confederacy needed a way [...]

150 Year Old Dolls May Have Been Drug Smugglers

Nina (above) and Lucy Ann live at the Museum of the Confederacy but recently made a trip to VCU Medical Center where they were X-rayed to determine whether their craniums and upper bodies were spacious enough to carry quinine or morphine for wounded or malaria-stricken Confederate troops. The answer is yes. Next they will be [...]