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Wall Climbing Treadmill

In another expression of the Sisyphean human condition, you can now climb up a wall and never reach the top. The Treadwall offers a 4-foot wide climbing surface and angles to +5 or -20 degrees. Product Page and Article -via OhGizmo!

Why People Cheat and Lie (Just a Little!)

There are a few bad apples that cheat a lot, but surely most of us are honest people who’d never cheat, right? Not according to research study by Duke University Economics professor Dan Ariely. His study showed that [...]

The Extraordinary Pink Katydid

A pink katydid is rare, but so rare that we don’t have photographs to enjoy! It’s not a separate species, but a condition somewhat similar to albinism. Read more about pink katydids and see stunning pictures at The Ark in Space. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Richard Whitby)

Woman eats rocks for more than 20 years

45-year-old Teresa Widener suffers from a condition that has her craving the taste of rocks and soil. The mother of two says she can break rocks in he…

The Story of Tommy’s Big Head

Kalvin and Leah Greuel of Hawley, Minnesota, adopted Tommy soon after he was born to a woman that Leah met at Walmart. That in itself is a story, but then Tommy suffered from a mysterious condition that caused his head to grow too fast. At 6 months old, it was off the charts for his age [...]

12-year-old girl is allergic to the cold

Abbie Tully has been struck with an unusual illness that renders her allergic to cold temperatures. Known as “cold urticaria”, the condition means tha…

Woman has 20 personalities

Kim Noble suffers from a rare condition known as split personality disorder and has over 20 alter egos. Kim’s personalities can come forward and take …

Cat with two faces beats the odds

A remarkable cat born with two faces has defied the odds by living 12 years with the condition. Frankenlouie the cat lives with his owner in Massachus…

Time for a Shave: Does Facial Hair Interfere With Visual Speech Intelligibility?

The following is an article from the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research. by Susanne Fuchs1, Melanie Weirich1, Christian Kroos2, Natalie Fecher1, Daniel Pape3, and Sabine Koppetsch4 If one walks through the first level of the main building at the Humboldt University in Berlin and looks at the portraits of the researchers who studied there, became professors, [...]

Woman with rare condition knows no fear

A woman in the US has a rare medical condition that results in her having no sense of fear whatsoever. The part of her brain responsible for fear reac…