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R.I.P. Facts

Disheartened at by the latest distortion of facts in politics (what else is new?), Rex W. Huppke of Chicago Tribune came to the conclusion that Facts ain’t what it used to be. In fact [...]

Venom Symbiote Caterpillar

I haven’t done any actual research, but I think that we should jump to the conclusion that these Brahmaea certhia caterpillars are four feet long and, once having tasted human flesh, become insatiably ravenous for it. Why? Because it’s the decent and honorable thing to do. Artist’s deviantART Page -via Geekologie | Photo: Igor Siwanowicz

Why You Should Never Wake Up Sleeping Zombie

deviantART user Shira-chan showed us why we should NEVER wake up Sleeping Zombie. Check out the conclusion at her Twisted Fairy Tale page: Link – via ZombieSlam See also: Zombie Shop over at the NeatoShop

Did apes evolve from humans ?

An anthropologist has claimed that humans didn’t evolve from apes – instead apes evolved from humans. This conclusion was reached by Kent State Univer…

Color Test Proves that CEOs Are Different

Rich CEOs are different from you and I – not only do they have more money, their brains are wired differently. That’s the conclusion of an online “color test”: Ask CEOs to pick their favorite color and what they select will often be very different than what most people would pick. For example, when 877 members of [...]

Which Music Will My Cats Like?

What kind of music do cats like? This charming science fair display follows the scientific method of hypothesis, experimentation, resulting data, and conclusion. The student theorized that the cats would fall asleep to classical music. In this case, the conclusion is what I would call a punch line: “My hypothesis was wrong, because they did [...]