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How did musical instruments evolve ?

When were the first musical instruments invented and under what circumstances did they come about ? It is believed that the concept of music developed…

Cook a Burger with Your Car’s Tail Pipe

This seems like a bad idea. Thankfully, right now it’s just concept by seven Iranian designers submitted to Design Boom’s Dining in 2015 contest. Let’s just say that it needs some work. Link -via Foodiggity

Star Wars Spaghetti Westerns

George Lucas had trouble selling his Star Wars concept. What if he had responded by going to Italy where filmmaking was cheaper? Timothy Anderson created posters for all three movies from that deliciously weird alternate universe. Link -via blastr

How Big Is Infinity?

(YouTube link) Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. The concept of infinity may scare you, but you won’t be tested on this TED Education explanation. However, it will blow your mind. -via The Daily What Geek

The Iron Man Clothes Iron

This wacky concept design for an Iron Man clothes iron makes me wonder if Tony Stark is narcissistic enough to fill his home with tools and appliances shaped like his superpowered suit of armor? Or maybe he’s just looking for a way to make a few billion bucks by releasing officially licensed Iron Man household appliances [...]

The Most Artistic Bananas You’ve Ever Seen

You already know that bananas turn brown when they’re bruised, so the concept of banana art being made with nothing more than a push pin makes sense. Even so, the how-to video is still pretty impressive, as are the resulting artworks and the rotting process afterward. These creations are part of a larger project by artist [...]

Car Dashboards as Works of Art

“QUANTUM SHOT” #774 Link – article by Avi Abrams This article appears simultaneously on Dark Roasted Blend and on “Out of Order” magazine – a Yale University print and online publication that curates innovative and bold fashion, art, music and film for the university set Visual Caffeine: Exploring Art and Architecture [...]

Concept Art From Sci Fi Film John Carter

The movie adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ seminal science fiction novel A Princess of Mars may have been a commercial failure, but the visual effects, and the concept art behind the visuals, represent the highest level of industry excellence. Artist Michael Kutsche has kindly shared some of the character and creature designs he created for John [...]

Did dinosaurs explode ?

Swiss scientists have debunked the widely held belief that some deceased dinosaurs exploded after death. The concept stems from the discovery of fossi…

Flying Robot Construction

(YouTube Link) Just a concept now (although one that can be demonstrated), buildings of the future might be put together by flying robots. Which sounds like a great idea, but I’d still want a real human building inspector! -via Geeks Are Sexy