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Crab-Powered Computer

This has got to be one of the weirdest computers ever devised by man: crab-powered computing. New Scientists explains: Although you’re unlikely to ever stop by the Apple store to pick up the latest [...]

This Is Apple Wear From 1986

When the Apple company was just beginning to take the home computing world by storm, they apparently thought it would be a good idea to try their hand at designing clothing as well. These clothes are the ultimate in computing comfort, and nothing says 1986 like wrapping sweaters around yourself in strange places. Link

Your MacBook Air Is a Food Preparation Instrument

Wait, have you been using it for personal computing? BWAHAHAHA! You rube. It’s actually made for cooking, as Mochrom from Japan demonstrates. It slices and dices your vegetables cleanly and perfectly. And if you find it a bit too cumbersome, you can use an iPhone for many of those functions. Also, you look cool doing [...]

The Future of Computing 1983 Style

In 1983 many people were discovering home computing for the first time. This book was unearthed recently and found to have some pretty accurate predictions for the future of computing. Best of all though is the section on the history and future of computing. As with all computing histories, the emphasis is on how quickly [...]

Cloud Computing The Largest Telescope Ever Built

Building the world’s largest radio telescope will come with lots of infrastructure issues to start with. One of the biggest problems researchers will face is how to analyze the massive amount of data that will be collected. One solution may be to turn to the public for some extra computing power. Australia wants to host [...]

Future of Personal Computing: Post-iPad Concepts

“QUANTUM SHOT” #19 (rev)Link – by Avi Abrams Future of Personal Computing: From Post-iPad Concepts to Pen-and-Paper-Based Anachronisms Note, we did not say that iPad is the future of personal computing – it is too early to say, for example, how well it performs with various professional applications – but iPad is certainly a step toward more [...]

Dirty Computer Pictures

Some people eat at their computers. Some smoke while computing. And some don’t change the filter on their heating and air system as often as they should. Many of us never open up our computers to see what’s inside, but that’s the first thing your computer repair expert will do. If your PC is anything [...]