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Darth Vader’s Mask Made from Old Machinery

Gabriel Dishaw first got my attention by making athletic shoes from old computer and typewriter parts. Now he sets my heart aflutter with this sculpture of Lord Vader. He’s also made dogs, horses and assorted bird-monsters, which you can find on his website. Link -via Technabob | Artist’s Website

The World’s Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Movie Computers

The concept of deus ex machina has saved many an unbelievable story, when the gods step in and do something that no mere mortal could do to advance the plot or resolve it. The modern counterpart is a real machine -the computer. Since a computer can conceivably do anything, especially in the future, writers make [...]

Men vs. Women Pie Chart

I sat here at my computer for about 20 minutes while I thought about posting this. Just trying to figure out how I was going to attack it. What quick-quip I would come up with to grab your attention. Instead of that… why don’t you clever neatoramanauts tell me what you think of this? Agree? Dissagree? Too [...]

Why the First Laptop Didn’t Catch On

In 1979, designer Bill Moggridge built the first laptop computer. In 1982, it was introduced to the public as the GRiD Compass. It was heavy, and expensive, but the real reason businessmen didn’t want it was something most computer users wouldn’t guess today. It was the keyboard.  At that time, 1982, business people, who were in [...]

“Everybody Seems to Want It”: Early Media Coverage of Apple Computer

Getty Images Today, shoppers around the world are smearing fingerprints and oily faces against the glass walls of Apple stores, peering in, waiting for doors to open and iPhones to be sold. It’s an annual gathering for a popular product from a popular company. But everything has a beginning, and there was a time when Apple [...]

Black Scorpion Computer Mouse

Black Scorpion Computer Mouse – $19.95 Looking for a way to keep people from touching your precious computer? You need the Black Scorpion Computer Mouse from the NeatoShop. This frighteningly fabulous computer mouse contains a real black scorpion encased in Lucite. The squeamish will think twice about playing with your toys.  Green Rose Chafer Beetle Computer Mouse [...]

Reconstructing the Stasi Files

When the Berlin Wall came down, the East German secret police, known as Stasi, knew their days were numbered, so they began to shred their extensive files. And when the shredders broke down, they tore documents into pieces. What they left behind is the biggest jigsaw puzzle ever. Twenty years later, little progress had been [...]

Are robots becoming more like us ?

How long will it be before robots and computers become capable of thinking like a human being ? On June 23rd a computer came very close to passing the…

Which Typeface Engenders the Most Trust?

Have you ever seen a résumé written in comic sans? Regardless of the content, the applicant has probably hurt him/herself. Little details in writing, such as the typeface, can subtly persuade or dissuade a reader. Errol Morris of the New York Times writes: But is there a font that promotes, engenders a belief that a sentence is true? [...]

Building Babbage’s Computer from the 1830s

Charles Babbage designed a fully functional mechanical computer called the Analytical Engine in 1837. It used gigantic stacks of cogs for memory (capable of storing 1,000 numbers to 40 decimal places), a CPU-like computing engine developed using gears and wheels, a printer (numbers only), a plotter (for graphics…ish), and even a programming language (Ada [...]