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Defending The Mushroom Kingdom In Mario Warfare

(YouTube Link) There’s battle a-brewin’ in the Mushroom Kingdom, and only Special Forces agents Mario and Luigi can crush the evil dictator Koopa and save countless mushroom headed lives. It’s Mario Warfare by production company Beat Down Boogie, a full length live action spoof of the Super Mario Bros. franchise that’s been in the works for quite [...]

Animated Short – What Is Dead May Never Die

(Vimeo Link) What Is Dead May Never Die is a techno trip in the way back machine, with oodles of retro charm and an electro-pop soundtrack to match. Created by experimental animator Kadavre Exquis, this is an homage to the warm glow of old computer screens tempered with bits of video footage and lovely cascading pixels. –via JazJaz

Taxidermy Comes Alive!

The art of taxidermy has seen a resurgence in the past decade, after falling out of favor some fifty years ago. Lisa Hix of Collector’s Weekly studied the phenomenon, and talked to quite a few new-wave taxidermists, including Robert Marbury of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. Marbury, now based in Baltimore, says he believes Internet [...]

Better Lighting … For Your Computer

Ever notice how garish your computer screen can look at night, or early in the morning? The eerie blue glow cast on people’s faces when they’re texting in a darkened theater? That’s because computer screens are color-balanced to match a certain temperature of daylight. It’s thought that staring at screens late at night might even [...]