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The historical persecution of scientists

There are many records of scientists being persecuted in a number of dispicable ways over the years. As recently as the 1950s, computer scientist Alan…

Kinsight: Kinect-Based System of Keeping Track of Household Items

The days of losing your wallet, keys, and TV remote may be numbered, thanks to research by computer scientist Shahriar Nirjon and John Stankovic at the University of Virginia in Charlotsville. They’ve developed "Kinsight [...]

How Much Heavier Is Your E-Reader after You Download a Book?

Granted, it’s not a lot. But adding a book to your Kindle does make it heavier, as computer scientist John Kubiatowicz discovered: Although the electrons were already present, keeping them still rather than allowing them to float around takes up extra energy – about a billionth of a microjoule per bit of data. Using Einstein’s E=mc² formula, [...]

Interactive Map Shows Migration Throughout the World

The Migrations Map is an interactive map that lets you see which countries people are moving to and from across the world. Here, for example, are the ten largest streams of immigrants into Australia. The UK contributes the largest share with over one million current residents of Australia. This map was made by Martin De Wulf, [...]

April 11, 1954: The Most Boring Day in the 20th Century

Computer scientist William Tunstall-Pedoe, developer of the search engine True Knowledge, has determined that April 11, 1954 was the most boring day of the 20th Century. His conclusion is based on an estimate of notable births, deaths, and events: Every day something of significance happens, a person is born who is destined for fame, there is [...]

The Vision of a Blind Architect

A San Francisco architect who developed sudden blindness has carved out a successful career as a consultant to architectural firms. Shortly before he was laid off, Downey had found a blind computer scientist who had devised a way to print online maps through a tactile printer; it worked for architectural drawings too… then I realized that [...]

Cleverbot: For Those Times When You Want to Have a Conversation with a Sarcastic Robot

Sure, you could talk to actual human beings, but who want want to? Cleverbot, an artificial intelligence, is willing to have a conversation with you. Just start typing in the blank space. The program was developed by computer scientist Rollo Carpenter and his firm, Icogno Ltd. Link via Geekologie | Screenshot: Geekologie | Video from Popular [...]

Pi Calculated to a Record Number of 2.7 Trillion Digits

That’s 123 billion digits more than the previous number. Computer scientist Fabrice Bellard ran his calculations on a desktop computer, taking 131 days to run the program and then check the results: Previous records were established using supercomputers, but Mr Bellard claims his method is 20 times more efficient. The prior record of about 2.6 trillion digits, [...]

Virtual Cow Butt

Veterinarians have no choice when they need to check a cow for pregnancy or infection. The standard procedure is to stick your arm up the cow’s rectum. The technique is difficult to teach to veterinary students because, well, it’s dark in there. That’s why veterinarian and computer scientist Sarah Baillie has created the “Haptic Cow,” a [...]