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Cat Special Forces

(YouTube link) YouTube cat mixer ignoramusky offers a compilation of cats whose reach exceeds their grasp. The use of the tune “Ride of the Valkyries” makes this compilation all the more effective. The very last kitten is the best, even though (or maybe because) the kitten does not “fail.” -via The Daily What

Bottle Ninja

No bottle is safe from the Will "Bottle Ninja" Keith. No bottles, you hear? NO BOTTLES! Watch the master annihilate 81 water bottles in this compilation video clip: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]

Confused Animals

(YouTube link) You’re just walking along and suddenly, a rival appears right in front of you! This compilation of animals confused by mirrors is both cute and funny. I don’t think I’d volunteer to try it with a lion, however. -via the Presurfer

Back to School Supplies

It’s not clear whether this store display is aimed toward parents or college students, but it must have been a deliberate joke. This picture is from a compilation of funny back to school signs that include, but are not limited to, hilarious educational misspellings. Link -via Buzzfeed

The 100 Greatest Maniacal Laughs in Film

Well, finally! I’ve been trying to teach my 3-year old how to laugh diabolically, but we’re not making much progress. This compilation of the greatest, evilest laughs from movies will serve as an excellent training film. -via VA Viper

TV Show Names According to My Mom

Well, maybe not MY mom, because she only watches shows in which someone gets murdered. Could this be your mom? This compilation is from Jeff Wysaski at Pleated Jeans. Link

Doctor Who Is Gonna Bust a Cap in Yo Ass

(Video Link) This is a compilation of scenes of the Doctor getting violent. The Fourth Doctor especially seemed to appreciate long-range riflery. And the last scene…well, I did not see that coming at all. Content warning: NSFW language. via Fanboy

Happy Birthday, Maru!

(YouTube link) Maru was born on May 24, 2007, which makes the Japanese cat four years old today. In honor of the occasion, here is a compilation video from the past year in which Maru hides, jumps, wears funny hats, gets in boxes, and generally does the things we love him for. Link -via The Daily [...]

The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Is Going to Keep You Busy for a While

Toy and puzzle making company Ravensburger has created the world’s largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle. It weighs 42 pounds and is composed of 32,256 pieces. The completed image is a compilation of 32 works by the pop artist Keith Haring. You can view more images of it at the link. Link | Company Website | Image: [...]

Spock Finds Everything Fascinating

(Video Link) Spock does not often get emotional, but he does get curious about the world around him. Here’s a compilation of his signature line by YouTube user FiveStarTrekker. The ending is especially well-chosen. via GeekStir