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A Look Back at Battle of the Network Stars

Television viewers of the late 1970s who craved a combination of amateur athletics plus celebrity skin (mixed together with more cheese than a Wisconsin souvenir shop) had to look no further than Battle of the Network Stars. Inspired somewhat by ABC’s popular Wide World of Sports Superstars—an annual competition of professional athletes competing in a [...]

Singing Grannies go to Eurovision

(YouTube link) A group of six elderly women known as Buranovskiye Babushki (the Buranovo Grannies) won the competition to represent Russia in the Eurovision 2012 competition. The group sings a song they composed called “Party for Everyone.” The group sings in a mixture of English and Udmurt. They say if they win, they will use the [...]

Neanderthals a victim of their own success ?

Neanderthals may have been more of a victim of their own adaptability than to competition from humans. Researchers at the Arizona State University and…

Meet the "Hotlips" Fungus

Octospora humosa was an obscure spore-shooting fungus, living quietly in patches of moss. Then the Guardian included it in a species-renaming competition, and a 12-year old girl beat 5,000 other entrants by dubbing the fungus “hotlips.” Brotherton said he hoped the popular competition, now in its second year, would draw people into the natural world and [...]

Dairy Princess is Lactose Intolerant

Even in this modern and, one would hope, civilized age, people would reject intolerance. But it is not so — nay, not even in something as mundane as the competition for Washington State Dairy Ambassador: She has to have worked on a dairy farm or shown dairy cows for FFA or 4-H. She must be single. [...]

Crocheted Viking Costume

Veronica Knight made a full-length crocheted Viking costume. It served as her entry into tomorrow’s mustache and beard competition in Detroit. We ought to do something similar among Neatoramanauts, but with an original twist. Perhaps a back hair competition. Link | Competition Website

Peeps of Art and Literature

I posted a roundup of Peeps dioramas called Heaps of Peeps back in 2007 and Peeps Imitate Life in 2009. There are thousands of Peeps scenes and dioramas to enjoy, but I decided this year to focus on art and literature. Why? Because marshmallow chicks and bunnies can be more than Justin Peeper and The [...]

Twitter in 1935

The “notificator” was coin-operated and left a message for only two hours. It probably did not catch on due to competition from the much-cheaper “bulletin board.” Link -via reddit

San Francisco Bus Shelters Now Come Equipped with Video Games

Are you getting board waiting for the bus? If you live in San Francisco, you may get to play video games while you wait. Yahoo! has installed large touch screens in twenty bus shelters in that city: As part of the promotion, transit passengers from 20 specified neighborhoods will get the chance to compete against each [...]

The Wizard of Oz Medley

(YouTube link) The class of 2013 perform a medley of songs from The Wizard of Oz for the annual Nykerk Cup competition at Hope College. Sure, they sing well, but where are they hiding all those props? You can also watch the performance of their competition, the freshman class. -via Buzzfeed