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Steampunk Ghostbusters Proton Pack

I have always been fascinated by the steampunk community, but I don’t think I really understood why until now. Why make everything look so odd? Because you can! This Ghostbusters Proton Pack is made by Grant Wilson on Deviantart. Grant, where can I get one? -Via Obvious Winner

Vietnam Minorities Convert to Christianity Because Jesus Is Cheaper

Photo: David Boyle/Phnom Penh Post The Jarai minority of Vietnam is converting to Christianity, but they’re not motivated by eternal salvation? No, they’re choosing Jesus because, well, he’s cheaper: In the village in O’Yadav district’s [...]

The Hashtag Tower

Now this is something to tweet about: Danish architects BIG have designed an apartment tower complex that looks like a hashtag. “The Cross # Towers constitute a three-dimensional urban community of interlocking horizontal and vertical towers. Three public [...]

Meet 5 Pioneering Women

March is Women’s History Month, because women make history, even when they don’t make the history books. It’s not always easy to find the fascinating females hidden among the archives of those who settled the United States. Whether they are builders, barrier breakers, victims, or criminals, here are five interesting women whose stories were left [...]

Community Takes On Star Wars

I know we’ve featured a lot of Community fan art already, but this “Return of the Group” take on Star Wars is simply too good to resist. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Inspector Spacetime Needs You!

The man pictured here is Inspector Spacetime, or rather, the actor who plays the fictional Inspector on a fictional show created for the cult hit TV show Community. He’s supposed to be an alternate version of Doctor Who, and characters Troy and Abed from Community are huge fans of the fictional space-time detective. Are you lost [...]

New Delhi’s Last Magicians Colony

The Kathputli Colony is a community of performers: formerly itinerant magicians, puppeteers, acrobats, and others that settled into an area in West Delhi about 50 years ago. Most are poor. But amidst the squalor is a remarkable tale of slum dwellers who have lived lives of the lowest degradation and of the highest luxury. Perplexing as [...]

4 Utopian Communities That Didn’t Pan Out

Every once in a while, a proud little community will sprout up just to let the world know how Utopia should be run. With chins raised almost as high as ideals, the community marches forth to be an example of perfection. But in most cases, all that harmonious marching gets tripped up pretty quickly. Here [...]

Tee Virus: A Nifty New T-Shirt Community

Our good friend Rommel Santor (who coded the Neatorama Upcoming Queue) and Brian “Dag” Houston of VideoSift have just launched a new venture: Tee Virus, an online community where you can create your very own T-shirt design, submit it to the community for feedback, and – if it passes muster – get it printed and [...]

Chance or Community Chest

The Chance and Community Chest cards in the standard Monopoly game were redesigned last year. This Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss will test how well you remember the old designs. Can you match the text with the images from the cards? I scored 7 out of 12, which is pretty good considering I haven’t played Monopoly [...]