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25 Delightful Adaptations of Stormtrooper Costumes

Stormtrooper costumes are so overdone that I rarely even take pictures of them when I see Comic Con, that’s why it’s always so refreshingly delightful to see someone inject some originality into the costume. Here’s a gallery with 25 wonderful versions of the costume, including Iron Man, The Doctor and Muppets. Link

R2D2 Fire Hydrant

If he can help destroy Death Stars, then he can certainly help put out puny fires on our planet. Apparently Comediva spotted this beauty at Comic Con and I have to say, I wish I saw it while I was out and about that weekend. Link Via Geek Are Sexy

Comic Convention Warning Signs

Comic Con in San Diego is this weekend! Here are some warning signs they should use to make your visit safer and easier, from College Humor. Link

New York Comic-Con 2011 Photos

There was a huge turnout of cosplayers at new York’s Comic-Con, and Geeks Are Sexy was there to document them. See their gallery of 43 photographs of the best costumes to be seen at the convention. Link

Comic-Con Proposal

(YouTube link) Yes, this is another public marriage proposal video, taken at Comic-Con. Yes, the audio is difficult to hear, and for some reason the person recording it held the phone upright. But it’s short and the last few seconds make it all worthwhile. -via reddit

Real-life QWOP

(YouTube link) Do you remember that athlete you were supposed to control in the game QWOP? The poor guy showed up at the main floor at Comic-Con! -via I Am Bored

Miami Comic-Con

The first ever Miami Comic-Con was last weekend, and Jen from CakeWrecks was there with her camera. See a lot more pictures of Ghostbusters, Bat people, zombies, and assorted super heroes at Epbot. Link