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The Avengers As Japanese Warriors

‘What if the Earth’s mightiest heroes were stationed in feudal Japan, rather than modern day New York?’ isn’t the title of an alternate universe comic book series, it’s actually the concept behind Alex Mitchell’s artistic re-imagining of The Avengers! His revamps for the group run deep, with Sengoku era appropriate attire, weapons and powers based on [...]

What If The X-Men Starred In Star Wars?

Reimaginings and crossovers involving popular characters and licenses are a dime a dozen, but when someone creates a piece as awesome as this X-Men starring in Star Wars poster by Rey Arzeno it must be shared. This piece looks less like a movie poster and more like the cover of an awesome comic book series from [...]

Concept Art For A Sandman Movie That Will Never Be

Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic book series Sandman changed the face of mature rated comic books forever, and made readers expect more from their illustrated storylines.  A Sandman adaptation may not have made it to the big screen, but these beautiful concept art sketches by Jill Thompson live on. So peruse these drawings and imagine what could have been [...]

Goofy Anime Adaptation Of Tomb Of Dracula

(YouTube Link) Fans of the Marvel Comic series Tomb of Dracula were less than enthusiastic about this goofy anime version of their favorite comic when it came out in 1980. Part 1 in a nutshell: Dracula takes off with Satan’s girlfriend in an effort to keep Satan from getting it on. All six parts of this amazingly [...]

The DC Universe Gets A Major Overhaul

You may have heard the term “the New 52″ thrown around recently and thought to yourself “the new 52 of what?” Well, your days of wondering are over, cause their coming your way this September! “The New 52″ is DC Comics unprecedented overhaul and relaunch of 52 of their most popular, and world renowned, comic [...]

The Origin of the Batcave

The Batcave is a central location in the Batman franchise. Its existence is purely accidental. Back in the days of the 1940s Batman film short serial, the producers wanted to have a hanger. They couldn’t afford one, but they did have a cave set lying around the studio. So in the second chapter of the [...]

Comic Strip/Sci-Fi Mashups

Image: Ryan Dunlavey Artist Ryan Dunlavey has created several comic strips mixing science fiction franchises with classic comics, such as the above mashup of Family Circus with The Fantastic Four. Others include He-Man with Garfield, Peanuts with X-Men, and Alien vs. Predator with Spy vs. Spy. Previously on Neatorama: Dunlavey’s Action Philosophers comic book series. Link via io9 [...]