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Celebrate Stan Lee’s 90th Birthday by Watching All of His Marvel Movie Cameos

(Video Link)  Comic book artist Stan Lee is famous for making short appearances in films about the superheroes he made famous. Today, he turned ninety–though it’s hard to tell at the pace he keeps. Let’s mark the occasion by watching all of his film cameos. -via Tor

Superman, Captain America and Nick Fury Take on a Regiment of Stormtroopers

No, it’s not colored in. But that’s a good thing, or else the awesomeness would be too much to mentally process. Comic book artist Darick Robertson gave this image to writer Larry Young. He passed it on to his son in a sweet and touching conversation, which you can read at the link. Now in all [...]

Before Scott Pilgrim, There Was Transformers: Underground Mission

Long before comic book artist Bryan Lee O’Malley became famous for his graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, he was an eight-year old kid: This is a choose your own adventure-style book that I did when I was like 8 years old. I was always making comics and books. I’ve been writing and drawing ever since I [...]

Classic Cosplay from the 70s and 80s

Michael Sacco of Fanboy has several pictures of cosplay competitions from fan conventions in the 1970s, including Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Marvel Comics. Pictured above is Wendy Pini as Red Sonja. Pini is a now comic book artist and with her husband was the creator of Elfquest. Link

5 Memorable Moments in Comic Book Censorship

In a story we first published in 2008 (server migration week continues!), Australian writer/historian Mark Juddery discusses what happened when comic book characters ran afoul of the comic book code (or angered a hostile government). 1. The Comics Code and the C-word For decades, the comic book industry was ruled by the toughest censorship body in America: [...]

Comic Book Artist Proposes with Online Comic

Comic book artist Leigh Gallagher posted a sweet multi-panel comic about his relationship with his girlfriend, Niki. At the end, he proposed marriage to her. Proposal and Niki’s Answer via Geekosystem

The Origin of the Batcave

The Batcave is a central location in the Batman franchise. Its existence is purely accidental. Back in the days of the 1940s Batman film short serial, the producers wanted to have a hanger. They couldn’t afford one, but they did have a cave set lying around the studio. So in the second chapter of the [...]

Frank Miller Illustrates History

Cartoonist Caldwell Tanner imagined historical events and figures as though they had been illustrated by comic book artist Frank Miller. The above scene is from October 31, 1517, and Protestant reformer Martin Luther is driving his point home about Papal abuses. Link via Super Punch Previously: If Frank Miller Drew Peanuts