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The 9 Most Newsworthy Dogs of 2012

Man’s best friend, indeed! In 2012, dogs made the news -or at the least went viral in the ‘net- by doing tricks, saving lives, or just by making us happy. Take a look back at some of the better dog stories from the past year. Shown here are the K-9 Parish Comfort dogs who visited [...]

This Birdhouse Looks Like a Vintage Camper

The Shasta camping trailers of the 1950s and 60s let Americans hit with the road with comfort and style. Now even birds can get that retro-cool look (and the envy of others) by moving into this birdhouse made by Etsy seller jumahl. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Photo-Realistic Paintings Of Food

If you prefer your comfort food without all the calories, then the photo-realistic paintings of Pamela Michelle Johnson may be just the thing you need this holiday season. With all the warm, rich colors of real food, these food paintings are not only drool inducing, they’re also massive in scale, typically over five feet square! Check [...]

Death Wears Bunny Slippers: Life Inside a Nuclear Missile Silo

Various sources around the Internet indicate that this awesome unit patch worn by some USAF ballistic missile crews is completely real. Comfort, as well as anything that relieves boredom, is highly prized. That’s why many airmen wear Snuggies while manning the missile platforms. John Noonan, as former captain in the Air Force, writes: In a favorite [...]