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The Pageant of Letters

The Pageant of Letters was a Greek comedy about the alphabet from about 400 BCE. The premise of the play was that four new letters (eta, xi, psi, and omega) were being added to the Greek alphabet, and some folks were resistant to the change, others embraced it with varying degrees of success, and some [...]

Giant Bird In A Man Suit

(YouTube link) Together, Matt Richert and Keith Habersberger make up the comedy bandCardboard Sword. This is music video for their song “Giant Bird in a Man Suit.” Try to imagine the brainstorming session that came up with this. -via The Daily What

We’re NASA and We Know It

(YouTube link) The comedy group Satire melds the awesomeness of NASA’s Curiosity mission and the catchy tune of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” Read more about it at the Washington Post. Link -via Metafilter

Andy Daly’s Comedy Litmus Test

Last year I saw Andy Daly perform at MaxFunCon, a convention of nice people that happens to include a lot of indie/alternative comedy. I’m an Andy Daly fan, and when he took the stage I grabbed my phone and started recording — I missed his first line or two, but I got most of [...]

The Late Movies: 5 Smart People Say Smart Things in 5 Minutes or Less

Big Think has interviewed a staggering array of smart people, and is posting micro-interviews on YouTube. For tonight’s viewing, I thought I’d collect five favorites. Yes, they’re short, and sometimes they’re simple — but these are smart sentiments. Bill Nye “How is science education like comedy?” Bill Nye on the parallels between comedy and [...]

The Late Movies: Bill Cosby, Himself

If I think long and hard about the first thing that I found truly funny, it’s stand-up comedy. (Which is especially odd because I don’t even like stand-up comedy.) The first stand-up I saw was a VHS tape of Bill Cosby, Himself. Cosby taped the show in 1983 in Ontario and he cracks jokes about [...]

Game of Thrones, The Romantic Comedy

(Video Link) I’m just glad that it’s not a teen romantic comedy set in a high school. Please, HBO, do not do this with Season 3. -via The Mary Sue

Comedy Short – Reset Your Password

(YouTube Link) It seems like websites get some kind of sick pleasure from making us change our passwords on a regular basis, and the qualifications for an effective password are becoming more ridiculous every day. This comedy short from UCB Comedy stars Caitlin Downing as a gal who gets no love when it comes to choosing a [...]

Aziz Ansari Understands Us Net Nerds

(Video Link) Seriously, how many of you can relate with this? I guess he knows the audience he’s advertising his comedy downloads to. Via Laughing Squid

Les Chiens Savants

(YouTube link) A 1902 film showing Miss Dundee and her Performing Dogs. They are well trained and have a knack for a bit of comedy as well. -via Everlasting Blort