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The Missing Links: That Second That Screwed Up the Net

The Internet Doesn’t Want You To Miss One Single Second You’ve wasted hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands, probably hundreds-of-thousands of precious seconds on the internet (not the time you’ve spent on mental_floss, of course). So why should the internet care if you want one of those tiny little seconds back? * Where Do Criminals Disappear To? When you hear about criminals [...]

Best Body Swap Movies

You may think that the “body swap” genre of comedy films is tired and done. You may think that it’s really terrible signs of how bad Hollywood can be that there is a “genre” of body swap movies. And you would be right in all of these things. Yet this past weekend “The Change-up” hit [...]

50 Comedy Spoilers in 3 Minutes

(YouTube link) The Fine Brothers are back with more movie spoilers -if you can keep up! If you don’t want to know how these comedy films end, you might want to skip this, but you’ve probably seen them all. Anyway, these are mostly endings you can see coming a mile away. -Thanks, Benny & Rafi!