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An Outsider’s View of American Political Parties

(YouTube link) (YouTube link) German comedian Flula Borg explains why one American political party is better than the other one. He says he asked people about Republicans and Democrats, and then put their answers into his explanations. He made two videos, so pick your poison. -via Daily of the Day

Jim Carrey Once Wrote Himself a $10 Million Check

Photo: nonu photography/Flickr Actor and comedian Jim Carrey was a born entertainer. In school, his teacher let him perform his comedy routines for his classmates at the [...]

John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Useless Comments

(YouTube Link) As a hilarious comedian, gentleman, scholar, and founding member of the seminal sketch comedy troupe Monty Python, John Cleese hasn’t lost a bit of his prize winning wit, even after over 40 years in the business. Now, he’s come back to answer to the worst kind of modern critic-the YouTube commenter. Sit back and [...]

Celebrity Sleepovers

(video link) New York comedian Mark Malkoff visited every Starbucks in Manhattan, raced a Big Wheel against a bus, and treated people to free cab rides. His latest stunt is to take a trip to Los Angeles and avoid hotel bills by bunking at various celebrity’s homes. Thirteen of the people he contacted said, “Sure!” -Thanks, [...]

Batman and The Thing on an AT-AT

These action figures are dismounting an AT-AT, having ridden it into battle. Conan’s there, too. The Barbarian, not the comedian, although Conan O’Brien would be a good addition to this lamp by Etsy seller Zygmunt Jarzembowski. Link -via @itscolossal

14 Hours of Free Cab Rides

(watch on MyDamnChannel) Comedian Mark Malkoff offered New Yorkers free cab rides for an entire day, accepting requests via Facebook and Twitter. Mark says, “I hired a cab driver and kept the meter running for fourteen hours straight! Along the way we did fun stuff that’s never been done in a cab before including filling the [...]

The Art of Clean Up

Ursus Wehrli is an artist and comedian from Switzerland. In his latest picture book, The Art of Clean Up, he meticulously rearranges components of photographs to be neat and tidy and completely meaningless. See more examples at Colossal. Link | Artist’s site -via Metafilter

The Apple Store: a place you can bring your goat

We’ve all seen the videos of people dancing in the Apple store. But what else can one get away with? Comedian Mark Malkoff—the guy who lived in IKEA, remember?—explores the realm of possibilities… How about you all? What have you done or seen that rivals Mark’s date/goat/pizza???? Let us know in the comments below.

What Does English Sound Like To Foreign Ears?

When hearing a language that you are not familiar with it can sound like a bunch of random sounds as we have seen before with this great example a funky, 1970’s rock song done by an Italian comedian; the lyrics almost sound like real words but aren’t. For native English speakers this series of video [...]

Artist Statement Translated

(Video Link) If you find some artists’ statements of philosophy a bit confusing, this video may help you understand them. Comedian Charlotte Young offers her own, which is helpfully subtitled in English. -via Blame It on the Voices | Young’s Blog