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A Piggy Bank for Your Innermost Thoughts

A combination fortune cookie and piggy bank, the corezone is a place to store your feelings until you need to open them. Dorota Skalska and Agnieszka Mazur made it in “an attempt to fulfill emotional needs by the means of an object, a try to withhold immaterial being in a material space.” Link -via Ian Brooks

Honk to Open the Door

Dieter Volkers’s Doorclaxon is a combination squeeze horn and door knob. Use it to announce your arrival with dignity. Link | Photo: Dieter Volkers

I Would So Play Silent Moon

Or maybe it’s Sailor Hill. Either way, the combination of adorable anime and terrifying survival horror sounds like a delightful idea. Link Via Kotaku

Moon blamed for sinking of the Titanic

A rare combination of factors may have been responsible for the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. The closest approach of the moon to the Earth in 1,400 …

Swiss Army Piano

Charles Hess patented this combination piano, couch, and bureau in 1866, intending it for hotels and boarding schools in which some bedrooms are used as parlors during daylight hours. Closet F holds the bedclothes, and closet G holds a washbowl, pitcher, and towels. Supposedly, the piano played just fine with all this furniture packed into it. [...]

Pizzagna Combines The Best Of Two Great Things

If Garfield were real, this brilliant combination of pizza and lasagna would be enough to give him a heart attack…assuming he didn’t already have one as a result of his terrible diet and lethargic lifestyle. The idea’s pretty simple, just pile some thin crust pizzas into a casserole dish with a little extra sauce and [...]

Shark Sleeping Bag

The ChumBuddy is a combination sleeping bag, body pillow, and plush shark. It makes for an awesome photo opportunity as well -all your friends will want to try it out! Link