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5 Questions: New Year’s ‘Ball’ Drop

Friday’s 5 Questions quiz welcomes 2013: New Year’s ‘Ball’ Drop

5 Questions: It’s a Bl-’izz’-ard

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz sees white: It’s a Bl-’izz’-ard

5 Questions: After Christmas ‘Sale’

Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz invites you to our After Christmas ‘Sale’

5 Questions: NBC-TV’s “Revolution”

In Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz, you may recognize some of the names from ‘NBC-TV’s Revolution

5 Questions: Moving ‘Van’

Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz asks you to pack up the Moving ‘Van’

5 Questions: All -ford You

Good luck with Friday’s 5 Questions quiz, which we wrote All -ford You

5 Questions: -Ford Country

Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz: -Ford Country

5 Questions: More -O Brands

O! It’s Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz: More-O Brands

5 Questions: -O Brands

Please enjoy Monday’s 5 Questions quiz: -O Brands

5 Questions: In the ‘Yard’

Been doing a lot of raking lately? So have we, so each of this week’s 5 Questions quizzes are In the ‘Yard’