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Lean with It

Paul Octavious’s series Lean with It shows people leaning parallel to trees that have grown at angles. I agree with Christopher Jobson, who suspects that the human subjects are actually falling. Link -via Colossal

Dew-Soaked Dandelions

When I see these photos by Sharon Johnstone, I imagine wondrous alien cities in the clouds. What do you see? You can find more at the link. Link -via Colossal

Wire Sculptures Of 2D Drawings

Gavin Worth sure knows how to bend a line, and design, and construct beautiful works of art. It’s amazing how he uses a thin strand of wire to portray the human form so elegantly, and yet faithfully retains the integrity of the original sketch. Head over to his website at the link below to see more [...]

Sliced Steel Images

A Korean artist named Chan Girl Park creates sculptures out of steel cross-sections of his subject matter. Each assembly is held together with perpendicular rods. He also welds steel nuts together to form smooth surfaces for figure studies. You can view a Korean-language description of his work at the link, or a gallery of some [...]

Be Careful What You Say — The Walls Have Ears

Colossal has a roundup of some of the whimsical pieces created by the artist Michael Beitz. I especially like this one called “body/brick”, which was installed in Brooklyn. Artist’s Website via Colossal

Into the Abyss

I ran across these haunting, frightening images at Colossal last week. They’re the work of Isaac Cordal, who creates and poses tiny cement sculptures to reveal a dystopian vision of a sinking world. When he’s done photographing them, Cordal leaves the figures in place: Many of my sculptures I leave on the street, usually pasted on [...]

Mayans ‘played’ pyramids to make music

Sounds like raindrops falling into a bucket of water can be heard while climbing the colossal staircase of Mexico’s El Castillo pyramid suggesting…