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Touch Effects

If you’re still off work for the holidays and need to kill some time, the web toy Touch Effects may just eat up more of your day than you thought possible! Once you get tired of just dragging the colors around, you can adjust the parameters for an even stranger effect. Link -via mental_floss

The Song About the Colors

(YouTube link) Juan-Diego was inspired by colors to write a song. The result is both cute and funny. Who knew a guy getting hit with a pie had so many colors? -Thanks, Juan!

Galactic Sparkly Playdough

If your kiddos are getting tired of boring old regular playdough colors, then try adding some sparkles to the black dough and they can suddenly play with space playdough. If you want to make your own, Fairy Dust Teaching has a great recipe. Link Via Craftzine

Rainbow Sponge Mania

(Video link) A woman in a TV show is getting very, very excited about creating various patterns on paper, using colors and sponges. Maybe something for Yosemitebear to check out. via Pusha

5 Questions: Shades of Blue

The colors of fall aren’t far away, so join us as the multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz kicks off a week full of colorful fun! Today, all questions contain one of the many¬†Shades of Blue.

Orange Tiger Catbutt Earrings

Etsy seller Out of the Pink Sky makes jewelry, most notable these catbutt earrings. There are catbutt earrings available in other colors, too. Link -via Buzzfeed


Tagxedo is an application that generates tag clouds in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles for your blog, Twitter feed, or other website. You can embed a dynamic cloud or just play around with the art, like I did. This cat was created with data gleaned from Neatorama, as you probably guessed. Link -via [...]


(YouTube link) Synesthesia is when stimuli from one sense is perceived as sensation from a different sense, as in tasting colors and smelling music. Terri Timely created this video to illustrate the concept. -via DocPop