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Borg Wedding Cake

The theme of the wedding must have been “Resistance is Futile.” It’s a good thing pictures of the cake were taken, as it was quickly assimilated by Star Trek fans at the reception. This awesome Borg cake was made by a baker at The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe in Colorado Springs, who has a nephew on [...]

Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Because of Pushy Parents

This year’s Easter egg hunt in Colorado Springs is canceled … because of pushy parents: Organizers of an annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children have canceled this year’s event, citing [...]

Air Force Academy Graduates Four Sisters

The admission standards for the US service academies are incredibly demanding, to say nothing of the task of graduating. But success runs in the Robillard family. The four children of the family, who form two sets of twins, are all graduates of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado: As twins, and soon-to-be 2nd [...]

Blind Gamer Can Play Video Games By Ear

Terry Garrett has been blind since the age of 10, but he can play certain video games exceptionally well by using in-game sounds to figure out his character’s environment. Garrett is especially skilled at the game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee: The beep of a blinking bomb, the desperate cry of a friend in need, the pounding of [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Major Phone Number Typos

You may have heard about Chad Ochocinco’s recent phone number snafu with his new cereal, OchocincOs (really) – and if you haven’t, check out #1 below. Phone number misprints really aren’t all that uncommon, though – and sometimes they’re quite costly.  1. Ochocinco meant well by printing a request for donations to a charity called [...]

Decorated Deer

You are used to seeing fake deer on lawns as Christmas decorations, but in Colorado Springs, you might see a real decorated deer! A TV news crew was there to capture video when a deer with Christmas lights tangled in his antlers roamed through a neighborhood. “I guess it got some lights tangled up in its [...]