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How Do You Describe Color to Blind People? Badly.

(Video Link) “Color is hard. How do you sighted people keep them all straight?” Tommy Wilson has been blind since birth. He produces handy videos that explain that experience to sighted people, such as how he cooks food and what it’s like for him to dream. How do we sighted people explain the concept of color to [...]

DIY Camera Made Out of Cardboard, LEGO and Duct Tape

Dominique Vankan wanted to replicate the Autochrome Lumière color photography process developed by the Lumière Brothers back in 1907, which uses dyed grains of potato starch as color filters. But first, Dominique needs a [...]

One Mountain, Three Lakes, Three Colors

Kelimutu is a volcanic peak in Indonesia that has three crater lakes, each displaying water with a different color! The Lake of Old People (Tiwu Ata Mbupu) is blue, the Lake of Young Men and Maidens (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai) is green, and the Enchanted Lake (Tiwu Ata Polo) is a dark murky color [...]

Amazing Facts About Pelicans!

Oh, you knew they were odd birds, but they are even stranger than you knew. I had no idea they can change colors to impress the opposite sex! When pelicans are courting, they open and close their bills to make their gular sacks ripple, strut around, and toss sticks and dried fish up into the air. [...]

Flood Fill

Flood Fill is a simple game that gets maddeningly difficult as soon as you think you’ve got the hang of it. The point is to assign colors to a grid and not have any color blocks touch the same color. Good luck! Link -via mentalfloss

World’s first color video footage unveiled

The earliest ever known color film footage has been rediscovered after more than 100 years. The footage was found in the archives of the National Medi…

Cosmic Latte: The Color of the Universe

Astronomers discovered that the universe has a color, a beigeish white called "cosmic latte." In 2001, Johns Hopkins University astronomers Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry averaged all of the colors from 200,000 galaxies and came [...]

Section of China’s Yangtze river turns red

Part of the longest river in China has turned a strange red color and nobody seems to know why. Officials are conducting an investigation in to the ph…

Why Do Crabs and Lobsters Turn Red When You Cook Them?

While they might be bright red when they hit your dinner plate, crabs and lobsters are usually brown, olive-green or gray when alive and in the wild (at least in the mid-Atlantic U.S.; crustaceans farther south come in a variety of vibrant colors). The dramatic color change during cooking has to do with the way [...]

The Missing Links: Odd Film Credits

So, You’re Telling Me Swedish People Don’t Actually Say “Bort” In Every Sentence? According to real, actual Swedish people, they don’t see a whole lot of resemblance in the famous Muppet chef. If you aren’t terribly familiar with this culinary genius, here you go. * Through the Eyes of the Color Blind Take a look at this [...]