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UK housewife ‘raised by monkeys in jungle’

Marina Chapman spent five years of her childhood being raised in the jungle by a colony of monkeys. Marina had been abandoned in the jungles of Colomb…

The Life and Times of America’s First Murderer

John Billington isn’t a household name today, but when Englishmen started settling in the New World, he became infamous as the colonies’ first convicted killer. In 1620, the Mayflower left England and sailed across the Atlantic to New England. Many of the ship’s passengers were Puritan dissenters who had separated from the  Church of England — [...]

Company offering one way Mars trips

Mars One is planning on settling a colony on Mars by 2023 as part of an ambitious new project. The Dutch company will be holding a worldwide lottery i…

New Delhi’s Last Magicians Colony

The Kathputli Colony is a community of performers: formerly itinerant magicians, puppeteers, acrobats, and others that settled into an area in West Delhi about 50 years ago. Most are poor. But amidst the squalor is a remarkable tale of slum dwellers who have lived lives of the lowest degradation and of the highest luxury. Perplexing as [...]

Documentary to cover Banff bigfoot mystery

The Discovery Channel are filming in Alberta following claims that a “bigfoot colony” is located there. Sylvanic Bigfoot group’s Todd Standing is conv…

Bees "Entomb" Contaminated Pollen

Scientists have uncovered another clue in the perplexing mystery of worldwide disappearance of honeybees, also known as the Colony Collapse Disorder: Scientists have found numerous examples of a new phenomenon – bees “entombing” or sealing up hive cells full of pollen to put them out of use, and protect the rest of the hive from their [...]

Ants in a Scanner

(Video Link) Filmmaker François Vautier put an ant colony inside a scanner and took a picture once a week every week for five years. This time-lapse video shows the colony gradually filling and eroding the machine. via GearFuse

Fire Ants Build Lifeboat Out of Ants to Save the Queen

Here’s your daily dose of science video: in this BBC production, “A flood hits a fire ant colony in the Amazon jungle. …The species has adapted to water to protect their queen.” Only three minutes long, but an amazing look at a colony of ants handling an emergency and ultimately surviving. (Via

Strange Geographies: A Utopian Ghost Town in the California Desert

Llano del Rio is one of the most distinctive ghost towns in the United States. Like many Utopian communities, it lasted only a short time — a few hopeful, productive years — before being abandoned. Unlike most, however, it was built to last — its granite foundations sourced from nearby mountain ranges — and, still [...]