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Welcome To College Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a call for pitches from college students who wanted to write for mental_floss—and we were flooded with excellent ideas. (In fact, we were so impressed that we’ll be doing this again, and soon.) Tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, we’ll post the best of the bunch. Stay tuned!

Back to School Supplies

It’s not clear whether this store display is aimed toward parents or college students, but it must have been a deliberate joke. This picture is from a compilation of funny back to school signs that include, but are not limited to, hilarious educational misspellings. Link -via Buzzfeed

College Student Brings Mechanical Typewriter to Class

(YouTube Link) Many college students use laptop computers to take notes during class. The student in this video, as a prank, took an old mechanical typewriter to a lecture for that purpose. The professor gets quite perturbed and asks him to mute the sound effects. via Gizmodo