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How to Explain Game of Thrones to Different People

From the fertile mind of Caldwell Tanner, here comes: How to Explain a TV Show to Different People. First up, Games of Thrones: Read the rest over at College Humor: Link – via Geektyrant

If College Were Like a Video Game

Wouldn’t college be easier if only it were more like video games? Susanna Wolff, Caldwell Tanner, and Jesse Eisemann have got you covered in this College Humor post: Link

The Wire: The Video Game

(College Humor link) The folks at College Humor made 16-bit video game demo out of the erstwhile TV show The Wire. Some NSFW text. -via Metafilter

The Joy Of Leading Soldiers Into Battle

(College Humor Link) Who knew leading an infantry charge would be such an ordeal? Join Rhys Darby, of Flight of the Conchords fame, as he discovers that leading a phalanx of soldiers into battle isn’t as easy as simply yelling “Charge!” –via Gizmodo

Comic Convention Warning Signs

Comic Con in San Diego is this weekend! Here are some warning signs they should use to make your visit safer and easier, from College Humor. Link

The 8 Worst People at Your Barbecue

You’ve met these folks before, and they’re coming to your holiday cookout! Even if it’s just a small family gathering, at least one of these will be there to try to ruin your holiday. Just laugh it off, because you’ve already read up on them at College Humor! Link

Dora The Explorer Gets The Hollywood Treatment

(College Humor Link) This is exactly what I’d expect a Hollywood version of Dora the Explorer to look like, complete with ridiculous casting, lots of suspense, and some over the top action sequences thrown in for good measure. Watch as Dora, Map and her friend Diego hunt for the infamous Swiper, while remaining educational for the audience! –via [...]

The Realistic Game of Life

Hallie Cantor of College Humor has put together a realistic version of the game of Life. You can print it out and assemble the full version and laugh and weep at the same time. Ready, set … go! Link [...]

Batman Blows His Cover

(College Humor link) This is a perfect example of someone who’s already in a hole and just keeps digging. After all, the only “secret identity” easier to figure out was Clark Kent!

Doctor Who RPG

(College Humor link) It’s about time we got an 8-bit Doctor Who-theme role-playing game. It’s from College Humor, so it probably makes about as much sense to fans as it does to those of us who’ve never seen the show. -via The Daily What Geek