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Surprise! This is Your Wedding Day!

(YouTube link) Shawn spent an entire year getting ready to throw a surprise wedding for Colleen, and make everything exactly the way she wanted it to be. No detail was overlooked. Shawn even brought her bedroom furniture to the wedding venue so Colleen could get dressed in familiar surroundings. It all came together this past Saturday. [...]

Wearable Plants

Photo credit: Colleen Jordan “Why should your plants stay at home?” asks Etsy artist Colleen Jordan. Thanks to her acrylic planter jewelry, they don’t have to. She also makes a brooch that I find a bit more wearable. Whether you get the necklace or the brooch/pin, you’ll have to supply your own plant, though Colleen [...]

A Very Tiny Dollhouse with Very Big Treasures

I hate dolls. They just creep me out. But, as I’ve mentioned before on the _floss, I have a bizarre fascination with dollhouses. I’m in good company, though. Included amongst the millions of people interested in miniatures was Colleen Moore, a silent film star whose career fizzled a bit when the talkies came out. But [...]