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Bike Matador

For its latest project, the Carmichael Collective placed a matador in the the bike lanes of Minneapolis to tease riders with a red cape. Then, presumably, he speared them. That’s not shown in the photos and the video at the link, but it’s safe to assume that the Carmichael Collective sought maximum authenticity. Link | Carmichael [...]

These Dogs Have Some Serious Napoleon Complexes

The Carmichael Collective has a delightful photo series featuring naughty pooches with real behavioral issues all dressed up as Napoleon. Not only are the pictures just precious, but the descriptions of the dog’s misdeeds are simply wonderful. Link Via Laughing Squid

Take the Stairs!

Found at Wooster Collective.

TrustoCorp’s Public Art

TrustoCorp is a New York City-based art collective that spreads messages to the public by creating signs or shopdropping. Its Flickr photostream is filled with works similar to the sign above. Flickr Photostream and Official Website via Super Punch Previously: Is Shopdropping (Reverse Shoplifting) a Crime?

Knitted Skeleton

Ben Cuevas knitted a realistic human skeleton. He calls the project “Transcending the Material”, and made it while in an art collective called the Wassaic Project. There are eleven more pictures at the link. The level detail on the vertebrae is amazing. Link via Make | Photo by the artist

The Carrot Tree

Sometimes the best idea are the simplest! Marc of Wooster Collective posted this “carrot tree” in Antwerp, Belgium. Sadly, no other detail is forthcoming – does anyone know what this is all about? A viral campaign to make people eat their carrots? Link