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How Tourism is Taking Cuba Out of the Red

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cub has been inching towards capitalism -mostly in the form of tourism. Can Havana once again become “the Latin Las Vegas”? Communist countries aren’t known for being vacation hot spots, and for good reason. To have a thriving tourist sector, you need luxuries to offer and visitors willing [...]

The Late Movies: Great Shots (Tennis & Otherwise)

This year’s U.S. Open featured a number of highs and lows, including overzealous fans, unexpected outbursts and a huge upset to cap it all off. But one of the craziest moments for me was the through-the-legs winner Roger Federer hit against Novak Djokovic in the semis. Sure, I’ve seen the chase-the-lob-hit-it-through-the-legs thing before, but never [...]