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Luxury Cat Playhouse

Thanks to the modular design of this wall-mounted cat play area, if your cats get bored, you can quickly change the layout. I want a human-sized version to play on. Link (Google Translate) -via Theresa Coleman

The Complete History of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you were a kid in the 1980s or 90s, you probably spent some time reading, watching, or playing with four adolescent reptilian martial arts experts with irregular DNA. To make sure I got the scoop on everyone’s favorite heroes in a half-shell, I went straight to the source – co-creator Peter Laird – [...]

Vinyl Tossing

(YouTube link) Reef Coleman, Tony Jien, Mike Jackson, Jason Richardson, and Mike Wofford of Pasadena had some fun with a stack of 400 vinyl records. These guys are pretty good. However, it’s like my philosophy on gardening: get rid of your failures, so all people see are your successes. Link

It Would Be Awkward to Watch a Cat Eat These Sushi Rolls

Although these rolls look simple, the instructions that food blogger Von provides show how complex is the work of a sushi chef. These are made from tomato-flavored tuna. Link -via Theresa Coleman

Watch All Three Star Wars Movies at the Same Time!

(Video Link) You could do this with three different screens, but YouTube user redstarfutbol (may his name be lauded with glory forever), has made it much easier by loading each movie into a single video. What hidden meanings can now be found? -via Theresa Coleman

7 Curious Cases of Criminal Cats

Animals who steal are referred to as kleptomaniacs, or in the case of cats, “cat burglars,” but they most likely just think of themselves as collectors -they find something they like and take it, with no consideration of the ethics involved. Cats are particularly successful collectors, as they have the combination of curiosity, stealth, and [...]

Being in Space No Excuse for Astronauts Not to File Taxes

Did you file your taxes yet? No? Got a good excuse – like being in space? Not good enough for the IRS: astronauts orbiting Earth in the International Space Station have to file taxes just like everybody else! As it turns out, being 220 miles (354 kilometers) above the planet is no excuse to file late. [...]

Music that’s Out of this World

(YouTube link) Have you ever wondered what astronauts do in their free time? Cady Coleman {wiki} is a scientist, flautist, and an astronaut, currently aboard the International Space Station. In this video, she gives us the short version of what it’s like to play music in space. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Christmas Greeting from Space

(YouTube link) NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Cady Coleman along with Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency send a holiday message from the International Space Station (ISS). -via Metafilter

Police Serve Arrest Warrants Using Steelers Van

Constables in Fayette County, Pennsylvania needed to serve arrest warrants to certain folks, but the people in question wouldn’t leave their homes. So the officers decided to lure the suspects outside using a van decorated in a Pittsburgh Steelers theme: “It’s been working great,” Coleman said. “We sit outside and lay on the horn, and they [...]