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Hobbit coins to become legal tender

New Zealand is to release a series of ‘The Hobbit’ coins that will be considered legal tender. To commemorate the upcoming release of Peter Jackson’s …

Huge hoard of gold coins found in Israel

The 1,000-year-old discovery of 108 coins is believed to be a stash buried by the Knights Hospitaller. The hoard was discovered buried underneath a ti…

Quiz: Presidential $1 Coin Portraits

The White House announced yesterday that they’re curtailing the Presidential $1 coin series, which means you won’t see that flood of Chester A. Arthur coins you were hoping for. (The U.S. Mint will continue producing $1 coins for collectors, though.) So, when we Photoshop out the names and years in office, how well do you [...]

Big Money

You know how people sometimes put a quarter into a picture with another object to show its size? What if you had a really, really big coin for that purpose? The Norwegian design studio Skrekk√łgle makes (and sells) giant coins so that you can make everyday objects look like miniatures! Link | Artist’s site -via [...]

Giant Gumball Machine (Or a Normal Gumball Machine and a Tiny Child)

This 7-foot tall gumball machine holds 14,450 one-inch gumballs. It’s designed like a classic gumball machine, except that you don’t have to put coins in to make it work. So don’t leave it out in public. Link -via Technabob | Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer

Funny Tin Banks

Funny Tin Banks – $7.95 It’s always good to save some money, even though the things you want to buy with it are um, shall we say, a bit dubious. Here are some funny tin banks from the Neatoshop that will help you save some serious coins: Link

TARDIS Talking Money Bank

TARDIS Talking Money Bank – $22.95 What better place to store all your coins is there than the TARDIS Talking Money Bank from the NeatoShop? After all, Doctor Who will surely take good care of the money inside (though sadly, unlike the TARDIS you see in the TV Series, it hasn’t got larger space inside for [...]

Kids and Allowance

Families differ on how they give their kids money. Kelly writes about how her family does it, and the many questions that go along with allowances. * Should the allowance be given freely OR tied to chores? * Should I only pay for extra chores? * How much money should I give my kid? * Should I let [...]