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Olaf Breuning’s Bizarre Coffin Designs

Designer Olaf Breuning wanted to see his whimsical coffin designs brought to life, so he commissioned some coffin makers from Ghana to build the kooky corpse boxes for him, since the people of Ghana enjoy using eccentric coffins in their own funeral practices. These melting popsicle, chocolate bar and snowman shaped coffins are strictly for decorative [...]

The Death Experience Room: To Be Reborn, First You Have to Die

Various methods of treatment involve being "reborn," but don’t you have to die first to be born again? Perhaps this will help: a psychotherapy in Shenyang, China, simulates death for patients by putting them in a coffin [...]

Can Sex Help Sell Coffins?

Ad execs have long known that sex sells. But can it sell coffins? Enterprising coffin-maker Zbigniew Lindner swears by it. He has been printing calendars of sexy women posing next to coffins years now: One image from the 2013 edition of the [...]

Inflatable Skeleton Cooler

Inflatable Skeleton Cooler – $29.95 Attention guys and ghouls! Halloween is right around the corner. Make sure you throw the coolest party ever with the bone chilling Inflatable Skeleton Cooler from the NeatoShop. This spooktacular coffin shaped tub is adorned with a sitting skeleton. It is sure to blow your guests away.  Be sure to check out [...]

Coffin Clutch Purse

Coffin Clutch Purse – $14.95 Halloween is coming. Are you looking for the perfect bag to go with your spooktacular outfit or costume? you need the Coffin Clutch from the Neatoshop. This little purse is just to die for. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more devilishly fun Wallets, Purses & Coin Bags.  Link

A Gun Designed to Fit inside a Coffin and Shoot Grave Robbers

In the America of a century ago, grave robbing was a lucrative business. The deceased didn’t seem to mind, but their living relatives did. So they often went to great lengths to secure the bodies, including the use of steel cages.  But the best defense is a strong offense, so the more serious graveyard keepers used guns [...]

Go Out In Style With These Crazy Shaped Coffins

I can think of no better way to celebrate the life of a ballerina who has bitten the dust than burying her in a coffin shaped like a ballet slipper. That way, when her body is exhumed by our alien overlords in the future, they’ll immediately know her skillset, and can therefore properly employ her re-animated [...]

The Boat Coffin

Perfect for the Old Salt who fancies a burial at sea, here’s the Boat Coffin by Sebastian Errazuriz (previously on Neatorama): Link

Bacon coffin goes on sale

A Seattle-based company has revealed their latest bacon-inspired product – a bacon coffin. In what sounds like an April Fools’ Day joke but is apparan…

Class That Helps You Build Your Own Coffin

Burial in the United States is increasingly expensive, so some people have made their final plans with thrift in mind. That’s where Minnesota woodworker Randy Schnobrich steps in. He teaches traditional coffin building over a three-day, $700 course. Many of the participants are building coffins for themselves: “A lot of people cringe at the idea of [...]