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Subliminal Compliments by Your Starbucks Coffee

Well, that $5 venti soy Caramel Macchiato sure knows how to stroke your ego! (At that price, it better be good). Tumblr blogger Kittens, Pills and Starving Thrills noticed a subliminal message in your morning [...]

The Hammock Cafe

At the Mahika Mano cafe in Tokyo, chairs are out and hammocks are in. This business hosts a showroom for a hammock retailer, so you sway a bit as you hold a hot cup of coffee. Link (Google Translate) -via DVICE

Atari Mug: You Never Forget Your First

Certainly not me. I remember my first like it was yesterday. Oh, when I first laid eyes on you Dig Dug, my heart went pitter patter. Nothing else compares, not even Pole Position. This clever Atari Mug: You Never Forget Your First lets you reminisce about the good ol’ days of videogaming every day with your [...]

Putting Weird Things in Coffee

Putting Weird Things in Coffee is a food blog about one man’s quest to find tasty and unusual ingredients to put in coffee beyond the traditional cream and sugar. These include salmon, blue cheese, and peanut butter. Pictured above is a mixture that he did not invent: juustoleipƤ, a Finnish cheese made from reindeer milk, [...]