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Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug – $11.95 Are you addicted to caffeine? Feed your habit with the Prescription Coffee Mug from the NeatoShop. This great coffee cup is just what the doctor ordered. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Glassware & Drinkware. Link

Turning Coffee Stains Into Art

If you ever thought your table cloth was ruined and worthless after someone left a nasty coffee cup stain on it, then you need to meet Jay Chou. That’s because the artist knows how to take those annoying brown rings and turn them into something absolutely stunning. To complete the piece above, Chou has a saucer [...]

Squirrel Coffee Cup

Squirrel Coffee Cup – $2.95 Are you feeling insanely lonely? Maybe it’s time you invited your favorite rodent over for a nice cup of hot Joe. Your woodland friend is sure to go nuts over The Squirrel Coffee Cup from the NeatoShop. It’s not often a squirrel is greeted with such warmth and hospitality. Be sure to [...]

Maze Cafe Cup and Saucer Set

Maze Cafe Cup and Saucer | $14.95 What a neat saucer to put under a coffee cup! It looks like an everyday cup and saucer, but just a drop of coffee on the saucer becomes a game as the drip finds it ways through the maze of grooves. The Maze Cafe Cup and Saucer was designed [...]

Prank Packs

Prank Packs are gift boxes with ridiculously fake products printed on the outside. Give a gift in one of these and be ready for an uncomfortably awkward expression of gratitude: “Uh, thanks, I always wanted a motorized rolling pin (or a talking coffee cup, or a hat that doubles as a fish net).” That’s when [...]

With 30 USB Ports, You Can Cook Meat

A USB drink warmer will keep your coffee cup somewhat warm. But what could you do with it if you hooked it up to the power of 30 USB ports? Google Translate isn’t doing well with this Vietnamese-language website, but the pictures make it clear what’s going on. Link (in Vietnamese) and Google Translate version via [...]