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Cocoa Trimming Kit

  Cocoa Trimming Kit – $5.45  Boy it’s getting chilly. Are you looking for a fun way to dress up your favorite cold weather beverage? You need the Cocoa Trimming Kit from the NeatoShop. This deliciously delightful kit includes 5 snowman-shaped marshmallows and 5 red-and-white striped stick candies. Sorry, cocoa not included.  Be sure to check out the [...]

Flowchart: Should You Have Hot Cocoa?

Should you have hot cocoa? William Sisskind of Socrates’ Closet crated the flowchart to determine the answer of this weighty question: Link

10 Neat Facts About The Flintstones (on their 50th anniversary)

On September 30th, 1960, Americans sat down to watch the premiere of a prime-time animated series called The Flintstones. Fifty years later, Fred and his gang are remembered as our favorite cavemen. The Hanna-Barbera production ran for six seasons and is still a part of our pop culture landscape. 1. Today’s Google doodle honors The Flintstones [...]

Infographics About Chocolate That Are Made Out of Chocolate

The French design firm 5.5 designed a few infographics for the Spanish chocolatier ChocolatFactory. Each is made out of actual chocolate. Pictured above is a set of domes that represent different cocoa contents, with the largest dome representing the least cocoa (60%) and the smallest representing the most (99%). The other graphics are chocolate bars [...]

Humans Skulls Recreated in Chocolate

To me these solid chocolate skulls are an example of both confectionary making and art. They are cast from REAL human skulls and come in a choice of chocolate including Fair Trade 80 per cent cocoa. There is also their bone chocolate – blended Belgian milk and white chocolates, resembling the colour of freshly cleaned [...]