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Sunny Sings the Addams Family

(YouTube link) Sunny looks like Pikachu, but he’s a yellow cockatiel. Here he shows off his musical talents with the theme from the TV show The Addams Family. -via Buzzfeed

The Most Common Cooking Mistakes

Cooking Light published a list of cooking mistakes that seems to be a powerful resource for novice cooks. The first few are exactly the mistakes my young daughters make. 1. You don’t taste as you go. 2. You don’t read the entire recipe before you start cooking. 3. You make unwise substitutions in baking. 4. You boil when you [...]

Cockatiel Sings Mario

(YouTube link) This is what happens when you put your birds in the same room as your computer or game system. Togepi the cockatiel knows the Mario Bros. theme by heart. Next thing you know, he’ll be beating Superman at the game! -via The Daily What Geek

Dancing with a Coffee Cup

(YouTube link) Caffeine does strange things to people, and apparently to birds! This cockatiel is so excited about a cup of coffee that he dances to the tune of a stirring spoon. -via Arbroath

YouTube Doubler

YouTube Doubler Those who love to spend their time creating mashups now have another tool in their box, and those that haven’t ever dabbled in the medium have profound access to it now, thanks to YouTube doubler. As someone already discovered, it’s a great way to imbibe in some Gestalt. Above, cockatiel that likes to bang [...]