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5 Terrifying Animals That Could Save Your Life Someday

Sharks, vampire bats, crocodiles: the stuff of horror movies. Yes, these animals can kill you, but medical science is turning lemons into lemonade, so to speak. For example, the venom of a cobra: Well, scientists think that part of what makes venom so nasty is that it suppresses the body’s ability to fight back by hampering [...]

Fan Made G.I. Joe Video Game

(YouTube Link) It’s hard to believe that this G.I. Joe video game is fan made, and available to download for free! Attack Cobra Island plays like a classic sidescrolling arcade brawler, and even though it isn’t the prettiest fan made game I’ve ever seen, it has lots of retro charm and looks like more fun to play [...]

The Tweeting Bronx Zoo Cobra

Last week, a venomous Egyptian cobra escaped from its cage at the Bronx Zoo … and wasted no time in opening its own Twitter account. He now tweets from @BronxZoosCobra (and in one day, got more followers than @BronxZoo): While keepers at the Bronx Zoo’s reptile house searched on Monday afternoon for an Egyptian cobra that [...]

Snake and scorpion wine on sale

A village in Vietnam is producing bottles of wine containing cobra snakes and scorpions. The wines are being shipped worldwide and are said to be a na…

Cobra hamburgers

A Cobra meat harvested for hamburgers worker picks up a bunch of skinned cobras as they are prepared to be made into meat in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The snakes are caught and processed into burgers, which are served at local restaurants. Behold the slightly terrifying process and its ultimately delicious recipes looking resultsSource:- CNN Via Life

Chainlink Extreme 4X4

(YouTube Link) YouTube user rhauf1 shares with us this vehicular concoction dubbed Chainlink, assembled from salvaged and custom parts. The engine is a fuel-injected Ford 5.0 V-8 from a Cobra, and transmission and t-case from an old Bronco, but the real treat is the hydraulically-controlled swing arms.